Citrus Circles Deodorizers™
"A fresh scent”

Citrus Circles™ are deodorizing wafers for any smelly contained space. They offer a fresh, clean citrus scent. Ideal for any contained area that needs "freshening" up including: diaper pails, garbage pails,bathrooms, etc. They are individually wrapped to ensure freshness and are made in the USA.

Citrus Circles are available at wholesale pricing for retailers, diaper services and any other company who wishes to use them for there business. If you want to find out more information click the wholesale link on the left.

If you want to purchase Citrus Circles for your own personal use at home please click the "Retailers" link on the left for a list of companies you can purchase them from.

For any questions or concerns you may have regarding Citrus Circles you may contact us via phone at: (480) 699-4785 or email us